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"Art in all forms has been a part of my life from an early age. Growing up in West Sussex, with very artistic parents, it was inevitable that I'd end up doing something creative!

My mum Jean Gilder was a very successful widely published children's book writer and illustrator for Medici Society of London amongst others like Marks & Spencers. And my father James Stuchlik,  a sculptor in his youth, was an exceptionally talented architect and interior designer; designing for the Hilton Hotel chain as well as the interior of the Dorchester Hotel London amongst many others.

When I finished school, I studied A' Level Art and Ceramics. We were encouraged to experiment with different clays/glazes/lustres and firing in different ways with electric and gas kilns, also Raku firing. This is where I discovered my love of ceramics and clay work.The different unpredictable results are always so exciting to me! This was followed by further education in fine art where I specialised in Ceramic Sculpture. Making large modern pieces and animals mainly in Crank clay for strength.

After a strange twist of fate I actually became a Nurse of all things! Working in the Intensive Care Unit, Aero Medical Nursing and Macmillan Palliative Care. Although a rewarding career, I felt the need to return to my artistic roots.

Now I enjoy making a wide variety of ceramics full time from my studio at the museum. From animal sculptures, garden and household items, both decorative and functional, and items for the museum visitors.

I have a wonderful supportive family, who also help out at the pottery when I'm particularly busy! Teaching is very dear to me, seeing others enjoy being creative and progress is very rewarding. I hold a variety of workshops at my studio.

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